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Civitas Humanitas
This series explores the merger of human existence and environment.  Cities, old and new, develop in response to people wanting simultaneously to be near each other, yet also to have privacy and space.  When a community is formed it impacts the surrounding environment to the point that, after time, the environment becomes one with the community in feel and form. 
Each piece in this series is a response to a particular place.  The perfection and beauty in our natural world, and the shapes, colors and movement that evolve, all coming together to tell the story of that place, layer upon layer.


Horizons​ and Landscapes
The early psychologists taught us that everything we see and experience is altered by our emotions and personal experiences.  
The Impressionists taught us that the world we see and the colors within it are created by light bouncing off the receptors in our eyes.  
I believe both of these thoughts have merit
In this series I am merging these two ideas by exploring “seeing” and a sense of place through the use of color, movement, and feeling.   

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nance miller