Books into Trees 
Since the beginning of time humans have searched for a way to leave their mark, have their story remembered.  But what about the story of the book itself?  In this series I am exploring the concept of evolution, rebirth, and remembrance.  As things come and go in our world each leaves a mark, a trace.  Each book, once a noble tree has had a life full of transformation.  Once telling its story through its rings of life, it now is filled with words telling the stories of humanity.  And this too shall pass.  Recycled, decomposed, it returns to the earth and takes on yet another incarnation. 
In this body of work I am exploring storytelling by using the traditional format of a book, yet deconstructing it into a new and wholly different form.  Many of the pieces reflect nature, as a nod to the paper’s humble origins.
By using discarded books, each piece explores storytelling, whether through returning to trees, or by taking on a new surface that enhances and develops the story with in the text.  Parts and pieces are reassembled and re-imagined to tell a story that is ever deepened by the many stories already told in the fibers of its existence. 


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Books Into Trees

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